Thursday, October 27, 2011

Restrict OutGoing Calls : Use PIN2 Code

There is a need to restrict OutGoing Phone Calls particularly if you want to give your mobile phone to your employees, childeren etc. to keep its limited use so that they could not misuse your phone as well as your money.

Today, I am telling you one special feature of Mobile Phone Application which, I think, is known to only limited advanced mobile user till now i.e. How to Restrict OutGoing Phone Calls from your mobile phone using SIM Card's PIN2 Code.

Using this trick you can restrict all the OutGoing Phone Calls and allow OutGoing Calls for Mobile Numbers (maximum 10 mobile numbers) selected to your wish.


  • For this first you have to do is to know your PIN2 Code for your SIM Card (which is generally 0000 or 1234 or may be any other four digit number according to Service Provider). If you do not know the PIN2 of your SIM Card then google for it for your Service Provider or you can ask Customer Care for your Default PIN2 Code.
  • Once you have known the PIN2 Code for your SIM Card, change it to any number according to your wish (so that any other people could not make changes in your PIN2 Code).
  • Now in your mobile phone open  Menu  > Setting > Cost Setting > Fix Dialling (kindly note that the menu names/sequence may be differtent depending upon the phone models, here I have provided menu sequence for typical NOKIA Mobile Phones).
  • In the 'FIX DIALING' Menu there are three SubMenus i.e. ON,  OFF,  NUMBERS. 'ON' means Fixed Dialing is ON,  'OFF' menas Fixed Dialing is OFF and NUMBERS means the List of Phone Numbers (which can be easily added/edited/deleted by you according to your wish).
  • Now, your OutGoing Calls are Restricted.
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  2. Very Handy Trick actually I was in search of such a trick.

  3. Best trick to control on Our Outgoing Phone calls . I have understood clearly. Thanks!!!

  4. I have fixed my Out Going Calls and made my life easy by this. Thank U.

  5. nce yar thanx this use ful tricks. . . .:-)

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  8. ian using vodafone sim how many no can be added to the fixed dailing. it adds only one no. is it possiable to add more no.

  9. Really, a cool trick!!
    Thank you!!